Maximizing the value of process control to improve profitability


ProNamics began offering it's services June 2000.  Our primary focus was process control optimzation surveys in the pulp and paper industry  which was our major area of expertise at the time.  We implemented improvements to almost every process area for mills throughout North America.  In 2002 we began offering our pulp and paper Process control optimization course for Instrument mechanics, control specialists and process engineers.  Our pulp and paper courses and services expanded beyond north america to Australia and Europe.  In 2004 we began providing the Petroleum Pipeline industry with pressure and flow control commissioning and troubleshooting services.  In 2009 we offered our first petroleum pipeline registration course.   In 2009 we also conducted our first natural gas processing survey but it wasn't till 2013 until we began doing regular surveys. In 2010 we received BCHydro Power Smart Designation but it wasn't until 2013 before we recieved our first Power Smart Survey.  In 2014 we conducted our first petroleum SAGD Extranction site course. 

Doug Nelson
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Doug Nelson has over 35 years of process engineering and control experience. He enjoys all aspects of process control optimization. In recent years his primary focus has been on developing and delivering process control training courses and on control strategy development and optimization.
In his spare time Doug enjoys playing golf, taking forest walks and Scottish Country dancing.

George Jablonsky
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George has over 30 years experience in instrumentation & process control.  He enjoys working on the fundamentals of process control and troubleshooting process and control problems. in recent years his primary focus has been on petroleum pipeline and natural gas process control optimization and troubleshooting.  George is an avid woodturner spending much of his non-traviling time in the shop.  During fair weather days he mountain bikes the world class network of trails around Squamish BC and often rides to the local lakes to swim.   During vacations he spends much of the time photographing and videoing, creating memerable videos.